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SCSI_IOCTL_SEND_COMMAND 0x1. This ioctl() also offers a "pass through" SCSI command capability which is a subset of what is offered by the sg driver.

The structure that we are passed should look like:
   struct sdata {
    unsigned int inlen;     [i] Length of data written to device
    unsigned int outlen;    [i] Length of data read from device
    unsigned char cmd[x];   [i] SCSI command (6 <= x <= 16)
                            [o] Data read from device starts here
                            [o] On error, sense buffer starts here
    unsigned char wdata[y]; [i] Data written to device starts here



Here is the mapping from the SCSI opcode "group" (top 3 bits of opcode) to the assumed length (in lk 2.4.15):
unsigned char scsi_command_size[8] =
        6, 10, 10, 12,
        16, 12, 10, 10
The assumed length of group 4 commands changed from 12 to 16 in lk 2.4.15 reflecting support for 16 byte SCSI commands being added to the kernel.

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